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The analog part of the ATtiny15L and all analog components in the application should have a separate analog ground plane on the PCB. This ground plane is connected to the digital ground plane via a single point on the PCB. 2. Keep analog signal paths as short as possible. Make sure analog tracks run over the analog ground plane, and keep them well away from high-speed switching digital tracks. 3. Use the ADC noise canceler function to reduce induced noise from the CPU. 4. If some Port B pins are used as digital outputs, it is essential that these do not switch while a conversion is in progress.

5V ATtiny15L High-voltage Serial Programming This section describes how to program and verify Flash Program memory, EEPROM Data memory, Lock bits and Fuse bits in the ATtiny15L. Figure 30. 5V ATtiny15/L PB5 (RESET) SERIAL CLOCK INPUT VCC PB2 SERIAL DATA OUTPUT PB1 SERIAL INSTR. INPUT PB0 SERIAL DATA INPUT PB3 GND 55 1187F–AVR–06/05 High-voltage Serial Programming Algorithm To program and verify the ATtiny15L in the High-voltage Serial Programming mode, the following sequence is recommended (See instruction formats in Table 25): 1.

For the differential channel, this is the value after gain adjustment, as indicated in Table 20 on page 47. For single-ended conversion, or if ADLAR or SIGN is zero, $000 represents ground and $3FF represents the selected reference voltage minus one LSB. Scanning Multiple Channels Since change of analog channel always is delayed until a conversion is finished, the Free Running mode can be used to scan multiple channels without interrupting the converter. Typically, the ADC Conversion Complete Interrupt will be used to perform the channel shift.

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