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As Hindustani in accusative or ^}^' is when dative —The declension simple, and effected is Thus the the same as the nominative, the genitive takes the noun ends in a vowel more usually Q' the agentive q]^' or 0^' is by means of postpositions. when noun ends the vowel more usually ^" and the ablative 5j^ It will | the in a thus be seen that nouns ending in a consonant are declined somewhat differently from those ending in a vowel. One example of each is therefore given : — Nom. and Ace. ^IC^ZTl' Gen.

A high tone, = lu ; B'l^' CHAPTER B^'3'5f^' your P (Sq^'n* = life = dance = -^^^ ^'SI' song 13 I. Jchyo-ltyi so. tf. sKajp-ro. gc;'p^' chest hodiy)=pang-lho. (of = hrang-ga. Consonants* — There ^C'Cini^l' lane Superscribed 18. these, namely, ^0\' and ^' They other letters. ^' \ are three are placed on the tops of 3 placed on the top of twelve consonants, thus is ^- £• -Ti- A;a gfa 92gfa ^' is : r f T ^ f ^' ^' ^' r da na ha ma tsa dza. nya /a Note that the ^' full of is written as Note written.

Po, high in cense high tone. ;a, tone and lengthened. = fa, high tone and shortened. the head) = chham-pu, medium tone. c&5^'^' cold ^i^^* opportunity = medium tone. medium tone and shortened. rope = Z^cn' brick (in i/ia^, i^STl'CJ' 0^' thalc-pa, to (postposition) la, low tone. C^cn^' yes (a polite affirmative) = Id, low tone and lengthened. ^^' Tibet =^0, low tone and shortened. Note the difference ^^' and between in O]' above examples between 5}^' and and fl^^l^^' ! TIBETAN GRAMMAK. 20 30.

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