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Armature, Machine of insulated wire together with the iron armature core, on or around which the coils are wound. That part of a dynamo-electric machine in which the differences of potential which cause the useful currents are generated. Generally, that portion of a dynamo-electric machine which is revolved between the pole pieces of the field magnets. The armature of a dynamo-electric machine usually consists of a series of coils of insulated wire or conductors, wrapped around or grouped a central core of iron.

They have, therefore, only a motion of at'raction toward such poles. ) In electro-magnets the armatures made of soft iron, in may either Fig. 23. be which case they are attracted only on the passage of the current; or they may be formed of permanent steel magnets, or may be electro-magnets themselves, in which case the passage of the current through the coils of the elec- Ring-Armature, A ring-armature is shown in Fig. 23, together with the disposition of the coils and their connection to the segments of the commutator.

The arc is formed at the smallest interval between the bows, and is extinis is shown net opposed generated of the bolt to earth. The ning discharge Lightning, Counter-Electro- motive Force in which the passage rester In the form of lightning arrester shown in Fig. 27, the coil in the path of the direct light- in Fig. 26, the line circuit of the dynamo, guished by being driven by action of a magnetic field toward greatest interval. Arrester Plate of Lightning Protector. (See Plate, Arrester, of Lightning Pro- tector^) Arrester Plates.

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