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Table 8. Adverbs of Quantity Adverb Meaning Example Meaning dutsek entire, whole qayeh detsek the entire village gheli really yuq qul gheli the sky is really clear jitggwa, jitggwaq’u a little bit jitggwaq’u qeghnalten It froze a little ki more, another ki heyi another winter ki k'ushta no more, never again kishla a little more kishla łuq'aka'a a little more king salmon kisht'a a lot, many, too much kisht'a bejex a lot of caribou ku’u, ke’u more, again k’eldin some, part k'idiki too much, very k'idiki k'q'uya too much red salmon k’iltinch’ plus, added to it łuq'u all, everything, everyone Kahtnuht'ana łuq'u all the Kenai people nutih two times nutih dghasdlin 200 (2 x 100) qenunes the most, more qich’a (I) more, most (see other adverbs) qich’a yaghali nlan he is better, improved shijenhqugh enough shijenhqugh k’ghelqet I ate enough tuq’ih thrice tuq’ih shatuniq’ash cut it in three pieces for me Page 44 Adverbs, Independent unhtsah, unhzah first Adverbs of Location and Direction Adverbs of location place the action and are closely related to directionals.

Nagh t’k’ilagh. We caught something. Qunsha begh ighedlak. Ground squirrels were snared by her. Łuq’a shegh dighilagh. A fish swam in to me. qegh’uh hniqa tl’iłk’ehghałchesh way out from them they circled them qegh’ut gu dultlet he landed near them ey ghu hvegh’ut gu ki łu dezdu there near them he was sitting on a bush near O, a little ways from O Oeghdehch’en above O (in altitude) qeghdehch’en eygu qałnigiq’ dultlet he landed above them on a rock O-eghdeq above O, as in off the ground, or in altitude, on land qeghdeq hjengheltlet he jumped over them in the space above O-eghdeqch’ from or towards up above O O-eghdugh downriver from O naghdugh downriver from us O-eghkuh downriver from O naghkuhdna people downriver from us across from O, on the other O-eghk’uch’en side from O, on the side away from O Page 26 Postpositions (non-verb) O-eghna near O qut’un qeghna just breaking day (lit.

The prefixes occur in a number of zones based on a concept developed by Kari (1989) and applied here to Dena’ina. Broadly the prefixes fall into conjunct prefixes nearest the stem and disjunct prefixes to the left of the conjunct prefixes separted by the # sign (see Figure 2). Zones for the conjunct prefixes include the inner subject pronoun (one prefix), conjugation prefixes (3) that figure in determing aspect and mode (tense), a set of six qualifier prefixes with various functions and, last, two outer prefixes that function as subject pronouns involving those not present in the speech situation and object pronouns, that receive the action of the verb.

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