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Nevertheless, the possibility of some influence from Nigerian Pidgin in particular should not be ruled out and needs to be properly assessed. The forces shaping Pichi today are fundamentally different from those that were operative until the beginning the late 20th century. Equatorial Guinea is today traversing the most profound economic and social changes since the colonial era. The country is today the fourth largest oil-producer in Africa (The World Fact Book 2008). The capital Malabo, the island of Bioko and the mainland part of the country, even tiny Annobón island are today experiencing a construction boom.

Other elements are clitic-like to a lesser degree: dependent person pronouns may be said to be proclitic to the following element of the predicate, the pluraliser dɛ̀n ‘PL’ to the preceding noun. OBJ’ is enclitic to the preceding verb, preposition or locative noun (the ‘host’) with which it forms a single phonological word. One indication of cliticisation is that the final consonant of the host of =àn is always pronounced at the morpheme boundary. OBJ’: (56) Dì de klia. )’ [dj03do 045] SUB Aside from that, Pichi exhibits a phonologically conditioned suppletive allomorphy in the pronominal system.

The column ‘residence’ indicates the neighbourhood of Malabo in which the respective speakers are domiciled. 2 further below. N F 70+ M M M/F 30+ 20+ Div. 2 provides information on the corpus. The list is sorted alphabetically according to the ‘text code’ column. The ‘type’ column indicates the text genre, ‘contents’ provides a short description of the text. The column entitled ‘word count’ provides an indication of the relative length of texts. 2 consists of altogether 34 texts of different genres totalling 46,060 words.

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