By Edmund Curtis

A concise historical past of eire which covers the interval 6000 BC to 1972.

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In the great church of Armagh after mass he laid twenty ounces of gold as a gift upon the altar and bade his scribe Maelsuthain enter in the Book of Armagh words which can be still read there in Latin: The holy Patrick, when going to Heaven, ordained that the whole fruit of his labour as well of baptism as of church matters and alms should be paid to the apostolic city which in Irish is called Ardmacha. So have I found it among the books of the Scots and have written it in the sight of Brian, emperor of the Scots, and what I have written he has confirmed for all the kings of Cashel/ THE NORSE TYRANNY, 800-1014 moment This was the greatest Brian by this title was Ireland.

By such great men was had the national consciousness created. He settled the political structure of Ireland as it lasted till the Normans came. To him is attributed the general adoption of the patronymics of O and Mac (grandson and son), which gave us the famous surnames of O'Brien, O'Connor, MacCarthy, and so on. These surnames had in fact already begun, but it may well be that Brian hastened their general acceptance. Henceforth the succession of kings was limited to the heirs male of these founders, though descent from father to son had to fight long against the 'Derb-fme' law, by which all the male descendants of a king to the fourth generation were eligible.

With Leinster. Its real (Diarmait) MacMurrough, great-grandson of the first Dermot, into the kingdom of Leinster about 1126. In that year, in a vacancy, the High king Turloch imposed his son Conor came upon Leinster, but Dermot asserted his claim and expelled the Connacht prince. Henceforth he was enemy to O'Connor and friend to MacLochlann. This bad man was to be the ultimate cause of the loss of Ireland's independence. Among other princes of the time we may note Donnchad A HISTORY OF 42 IRELAND O'Cervall, king of Oriel, a patron of Church reform, who gave the land for Mellifont; Murchad O'Melaghlin, last king of undivided Meath; and Tiernan O'Ruairc, lord of Brefni.

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