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And SIMPSON,J. : Search for Trapped Electrons and a 23. O'GALLAGHER, Magnetic Moment at Mars by Mariner IV. , vol. 149, 1965, pp. 1233-1239. J. ; and SIMPSON,J. A,: The Interplanetary Propagation of Solar 24. OGALLAGHER, Flare Particles Simultaneously Observed by Earth Satellites and the Mariner IV Space Probe. Bull. Am. Phys. ,series 11, no. 3,000, 1966. 25. FAN, C. Y . ; SIMPSON,J. A,; and GLOECKLER, G . : Protons and Helium Nuclei Within Interplanetary Magnetic Regions Which Co-rotate with the Sun.

A,: Observations with University of Iowa Equipment on Mariner IV, November 1964-February 1965. U. of Iowa rep. 65-5, 1965. VAN ALLEN,J. A,; FRANK,L. A,; KRIMIGIS,S. ; and HILLS,H . : Absence of Martian Radiation Belts and Implications Thereof. , vol. 149, 1965, pp. 1228-1233. VAN ALLEN,J. A,: Absence of 40 keV Electrons in the Earth’s Magnetospheric Tail at 3300 Earth Radii. J. Geophys. , vol. 70, 1965, pp. 4731-4739. VAN ALLEN,J. A,: Further Remarks on the Absence of a Very Extended Magnetospheric Tail.

Latitude X 191" E. longitude; scale: 270 km E-W x 260 k m N-S (north at top). Number. 1 1 . Aliitude: 12 SO0 kni; avea: Atlantis, 31' S. latitude x 197' E. longitude; scale: 270 km E-TV x 240 km N-S /north at t o p ) . Number 14. Altitude: 12 200 km; area: Phaeihontis, 41' S. latitude x 208 E. longitude; scale: 240 km E-TV' X 230 Bm N-S (north at t o p ) . r of Mariian surface. 200 dots or picture elements each), the T V camera produced a digital signal of 240 000 bits per picture. This was recorded on a two track %-inch magnetic tape loop 330 feet long, capable of recording slightly more than 2 1 pictures.

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