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6 7 He had run. 7 8 He had been running. 8 v 1\ khau wing ~ wmg V A khau kamlang wi~g kamlang + wmg khvau ~ng ~ Iaew ' wing+ hiew Time Words From the table you will note that only three forms of Thai verbs are akin to English. The verb in item 2 shows the ongoing-ness aspect. Kamlang shows action in progress while lkw in item 3 shows the perfective aspect of the verb. Tense and form are not considered important in Thai as each Thai verb may by itself show tense. By studying the context we will know when the event occurred.

33 10 khun rna thamngan wanathit you come work Sunday Can you come to work on Sunday? dm mai can The speaker knows well that you can come on Sunday but he is not sure whether you are free. In its other role bpen simply states that one has the ability to do something. m you swim Can you swim? bpen can mai The speaker wants to know whether you have the ability to swim. ilnja means should (advisability). th~ v khuanja thamngan diawni she should work now She should work now. 5 Dtawng (must, have to) expresses obligation.

If you are still confused, try to understand the following example. f'a wann! khun m~dai bpai thamngan ch;imai yesterday you not go work did you You didn't go to work yesterday, did you? bpai khrap go Yes, I did. chaikhrap yes No, I didn't. 5 Double Negatives In some Thai sentences, although there may be two negative words, the meaning of that sentence does show negation. A A A. A v phaw ham ma1 hai phom syp burl father forbid not allow I smoke cigarette My father forbids me to smoke. khry him m;i hai dek dek len nai hiill:ng teacher forbid not allow children play in classroom The teacher forbids the children to play in the classroom.

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