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Uk WIND TURBINE RECIPE BOOK NOVEMBER 2008 METRIC EDITION page 41 • ,'. 1- / I. o the lid. The exit point should be close to the edge of the casting in a position where the wiring can be easily brought to the connection box. Keep away from mounting points. Separate the lid from the surround and cut out the exit notch. 8 No. disk The magnet rotor is cast in resin for two reasons. One is to restrain the magnets from flying off the rotor iD the event that the turbine overspeeds. To improve the strength of the resin casting I like to place a layer of thin fibreglass cloth on top of the magnets.

Take grcat care working near the magnets with a knife. i of silicone around the surround to catch surplus resin. Mix a thicker mix to fill the spaces between magnets. Hammer the mould to remove bubbles. Finish wilh a runny mix on top of the glass cloth so as to salurate it. Place the lid on top carefully so as not to drag the cloth out of place. Hold it down by placing many sleel objeets evenly on top of the magnet faces. 1200 / :k mounting lbe two magnet rotors of larger turbines on the wheel hub.

The finishes 5 1 are each connected to a tail of flexible insulated wire that is brought out of the stator to a rectifier box mounted on the top ofU,e yaw bearing. I like to cover these nine wires with a piece of flexible 9 conduit. rput wirinn Coils 1,4 and 7 make up one phase group. If a north pole is passi ng coil I then another north pole will be passing coil 4 and another coil 7, so they are all experiencing the same induced voltage at the same instant. These three coils are connected in senes.

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