By Dennis Estes, Leonard M. Adleman, Kireeti Kompella, Kevin S. McCurley, Gary L. Miller (auth.), Hugh C. Williams (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540164634

ISBN-13: 9783540164630

ISBN-10: 354039799X

ISBN-13: 9783540397991

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C. J. Simmons, "The Subliminal Channel and Digital Signatures," Proceeding& Eurocryptr64, to appear. 3. H. Cng and C. P. Schnorr, "Signatures through Approximate Representations by Quadratic Forms ," Proceedings of Crypto'83. Santa Barbara, CA. August 21-24, 1983, to be published by Plenum Press. 4. H. Ong, C. P. Schnorr a n d A. Shamir, "An Efficient Signature Scheme Based or. C.. April 198U, to appear. 5. C. P. Schnorr, " A Cubic OSS-Signature Scheme," private communication, May 1984. 41 6. T.

Al. [15] suggested to use different keys to protect the authenticity and the privacy. Several attacks were presented in the case that the same key would be used, even if the NBS authentication method is used. They were able to modify the message without affecting the authenticator, however the received plaintext will (in almost all cases) be “garbage”. The attack which will be presented now, allows an active eavesdropper to modify a message in a fraudulent one, he chooses! So in bank applications he is able to transfer money on his account such that the fraud will not be detected by the authentication system.

For these reasons a more practical scheme will now be presented. 3. A more practical scheme An unconditionally secure authentication system which is based on the one discussed in previous section, will be presented. For previous scheme, remark that if an intruder wants to inject two bits the probability to succeed is 1/224-2. In general it is for m bits 1J2mq--m, because each bit has its own authenticator. A similar reasoning is true for the modification of m bits. In thia aection we mill only we a authenticator for the whole mesaage.

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Advances in Cryptology — CRYPTO ’85 Proceedings by Dennis Estes, Leonard M. Adleman, Kireeti Kompella, Kevin S. McCurley, Gary L. Miller (auth.), Hugh C. Williams (eds.)

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