By Neal Asher

ISBN-10: 0809556642

ISBN-13: 9780809556649

The Collector rampages throughout a much destiny Africa populated with gene-spliced vampires, resurrected significant and nutters with APWs . . .

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Three lions were feeding in a desultory manner while other scavengers were squabbling for their share. ’ as they tipped them back to swallow choice bloody morsels. A pack of hyenas yipped and snarled round a leg that had been torn away. It must have taken the whole pack of them to drag the joint to where it lay, and from where they kept a wary eye on the lions, but there was plenty for all it would seem, else the lions would have been driven away. Other birds, small foxes, wild dogs, and feral cats had homed in on the bounty.

Hide,” I said, and leapt again. To my right I caught the nacreous glitter of the beam and dropped to the ground as it swept above me blowing a cycad to candent flinders. I ate dirt and felt real fear for the first time in decades. Someone had an antiphoton weapon. Someone was trying to kill me and could succeed. I could die. I was up and running at full speed, circling the clearing, but trying to keep to cover which was rapidly being blown away. Trees disappeared like pillars of ash in a hurricane and red fire flashed through the undergrowth.

When I returned to them Jethro Susan had retrieved her rifle and shouldered a pack of her own. “Come south. We will await you, Collector and Jethro Susan,” said Spitfire, and with that she launched herself into the air and soon was out of sight. Jethro Susan eyed me nervously. “I have heard of you,” she said by way of understatement. “Hardly unusual,” I said and proceeded to wipe drying gore from my arms and chest with handfuls of moss. ” I considered that, wondering just what she had heard about me.

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Africa Zero by Neal Asher

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